Monday, March 30, 2009

saturday una and louise.

glamrocks show nov 08

so ..way back in september we began a mission of glamrocks the show.

we wanted to show some kick ass fashion that was styled to our taste and to raise money for the children's sunshine home, which is a hospice for terminally ill children.

on the night hair was done by peter mark, make up was done by mac. models were supplied by bscene the agency and it was hosted by the lovely amanda brunker. special guests included sara colohon from the tassel club.

we loved the show and along with the help and support we pulled it off.
it was a freakin awesome night, with clothes supplied from om diva, sabotage, all the best, ad hoc, asha and se si, as well as independant designs from katie mc donell clothing and carmel conerny (available from se si temple bar) .

we raised over 2000 for the charity on the night.

have a gander at the pics ...

photos by marciej pestka and shane o'connor (

cupcake girls x

check back soon ,



Thursday, March 26, 2009


we're here to inspire and be inspired.

things that we enjoy: good clothes on good people.especially vintage, old ,battered, worn but loved, clothes. laughing. fun. 6ps and 3cs. having the times! being rewarded for hard work. standing out from the orange coloured crowd. cartoon cupcakes.

our names are una and lou, and from now on we will take it in turns to write this blog.

“Fate is a misconseption, it's only a cover-up for the fact you don't have control over your own life.


we are hard to sum up but if you had to ...try looking at this.